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What is the Black Sheep paramotor group?


The Black Sheep Squadron PPG group was formed after I came out of PPG training and realized that is just the beginning of questions and the learning for most people. It became clear many pilots after training were looking for people to fly with and exchange knowledge. This group is to help those pilots, and anyone, that wants to find safe competent pilots to share knowledge and enjoy the skies with.


The name comes from the TV series “Baa Baa Black Sheep” that was loosely based on a real life pilots experience in WWII. It features a squadron of misfit fighter pilots that are a close nit group and make a difference in the Pacific theater during the war.


Who We Are

Black Sheep Squadron Paramotor pilots have a passion for flying as well as a desire to build a supportive and safe community for aviators.

Keep All your Memories Alive







The ideals of the Black Sheep Squadron are:

  1. Always be a safe, responsible pilot


  1. Help and guide others to do the same


  1. Learn, grow, and share your knowledge


  1. Be a positive example and representative of our sport



We are always looking for new pilots to join!

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Please also check out Aurora PPG. Their mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in the sport of powered paragliding through experiences, education, training, and community with a focus on its use in overcoming past trauma.  





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